Silk Base vs Lace Closures

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People definitely have preferences when it comes to the closure that they feel suits them best. We want out weave to look like it's ours and was never sitting somewhere on a shelf. Closures help to make extensions look more natural and home grown (or scalp grown). Some people aren't aware, but there are some major differences between a silk base closure and a lace closure. Here I've listed those differences and tell you my favorite of the two options.

Silk Base Closure:

Knots are hidden - normally in the silk and then covered with lace so bleaching knots tends to be a thing of the past with this choice.

Base is firm - A firm base can extend the longevity of the closure but some may not have room to shape and flatten the closure to get the most natural look. 

Lace Closure:

Knots have to be bleached -  if they aren't prior to purchase, so if you have no experience with bleaching this may be a task that is definitely unwanted.

Flexibility - Lace is very flexible and can easily be tinted to appear more like an individuals scalp this flexible lace also makes it easier to bleach the knots.

Thin material - can be a problem if you are not careful. You do not want to rip the lace before it's made itself comfortable on top of your head.

Well my very first closure happened to be a lace closure, for pricing reasons, and my was great! I loved the flexibility. I had no idea how to bleach hair so eyeliner and foundation became my best friend. No plucking was needed with that closure so i didn't experience the tragedy of ripping my lace. I experienced a silk closure soon after my first lace and I was amazed at how much it looked like scalp just holding it in my hands but if my braids were not flat I could not pull that closure off. I actually like them both for different reasons. The silk resonated with me because I did not have to know about bleaching to pull that baby off!

Comment below which one you like best or why you like both!



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